Aktron - Leading the way in New Zealand

  • Quality. Number one for Aktron is the quality of the products we offer. Aktron refuse to compromise when it comes to providing the market with premium quality lubricants and grease. Across all 3 of our brands, Morris Lubricants, Prista Oil and TEL Lubricants, great care is taken to ensure all products meet or exceed all required specifications and key products carry OEM approvals from all of the major engine manufacturers. We stand confidently behind our products.
  • Customer Service. A family owned business, we pride ourselves in setting the benchmark in top class customer service. We are contactable from 7.00am until 5.30 pm Monday - Friday and offer comprehensive after hours technical support via our 0800 number. All orders received before 3.00pm are dispatched the same day. We offer free delivery for all orders over 20 litres and are always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure your requirements and expectations are exceeded.
  • Value. Aktron can guarantee you value for money with our products. We wont promise to be the cheapest on the market but when it comes to premium quality lubricants and grease, fast and efficient delivery and comprehensive customer service combined with a competitive pricing structure, we can assure you we are providing maximum value to our customers. Oil Distributors combine these four key benifits to ensure you cant do better than source your products from us.