Workshop PRO Citrus Hand Gel (Heavy Duty H/C) (formerly called Abgel)

A powerful heavy-duty hand cleanser containing micro-particles for the effective removal of ingrained dirt, grease and grime. Free from petroleum derived solvents but designed to outperform traditional solvent based hand cleansers.

Note: Workshop PRO Citrus Hand Gel does NOT contain environment polluting polyethylene microbeads.

Workshop PRO Citrus Hand Gel will remove all types of dirt and grime, including oil, grease, swarf, some paints,creosote, tar products, adhesives, chemicals, powders, printing inks, crayon and marker pens. The use of a beaded hand gel in particularly advantageous in the removal of dry solid grime such as coal dust, cement and plaster, without skin abrasion. The gel itself holds the dirt and grime in suspension enabling them to be washed off with water. After use the hands are left soft, hygienically clean and pleasant smelling.


Recommended for all industrial and commercial washrooms, including those in factories, workshops, construction sites, mines, quarries, farms and stables, where a powerful hand cleanser is required. Workshop Pro Citrus Hand Gel is a stable formulation, and does not dry out or separate, when properly dispensed.



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