Air Force 2000 ISO VG 150

Specially formulated 2000 hour fluid developed to meet the requirements of hydrovane compressors and other similar vane compressors, ensuring long, trouble-free compressor life, wherever a fluid of this viscosity is recommended by the manufacturer. AIR FORCE 2000 fluids will retain their performance characteristics throughout a 2000 hour design life, providing bulk oil temperature does not exceed 90°C and a maximum ambient temperature does not exceed 35°. If either of these temperatures is exceeded, more frequent oil changes will be required.

Key Features

Exceptional anti-wear performance for long compressor life. Minimal oil carryover for improved separator life Corrosion inhibited, high stability formula Enhanced water separating properties Excellent compatibility with most downstream equipment


These highly stable advanced formula fluids are designed for use in continuous operation and stop / start industrial compressors, train brake compressors and vehicle mounted or portable road breaking compressors. These fluids are also suitable for use in reciprocating compressors where the viscosity grade is appropriate.

Performance Levels

Foaming test  Nil foam (all sequences) Meets the requirements of Hydrovane DTP -1 standard



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