Air Force 8000FS ISO VG 68

AIR FORCE 8000 FS is a range of ester based, fully synthetic, compressor lubricants designed specifically to meet the requirements of rotary screw compressors including modern, variable speed types. They incorporate the latest additive technology and have proved to be far superior in performance to conventional oils under all conditions. It is designed for use under arduous conditions and in high temperature applications. Its naturally high film strength helps prevent metal to metal contact under severe load conditions.

Key Features

Outstanding thermal stability for long oil life, Good air release properties, High viscosity index gives good fluid flow at low temperatures and high film strength and wear resistance at high temperatures, Low volatility reduces the need for top-up


Suitable for use in all rotary screw compressors including variable speed types, static and mobile units. AIR FORCE 8000 FS gives superior results with respect to low oil carry-over and wear, combined with exceptional resistance to thickening, lacquer formation and separator blockage at elevated temperatures.

Performance Levels

Foaming test  Nil Foam (all sequences) DIN 51506 & DIN 51352 part 2



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