Aqua Max 2

Aqua Max 2 is approved by the NMMA to TC-W3™ and has been developed to meet the need for a specialised ash free outboard motor oil for today’s high powered multi-cylinder two cycle engines. The ashless formulation provides an excellent lubricating film that leads to improved engine performance and reduced wear for engine components even if temporary overheating occurs.

Key Features

  • Maximum film strength
  • Anti-wear, anti-scuffing protection
  • Freedom from ring sticking
  • Reduced smoke and clean burning characteristics
  • No plug fouling or pre-ignition
  • Reduced deposit formation in ports


Recommended for use in two cycle water cooled outboard engines using premix or oil injection, from high powered down to small cylinder auxiliary engines. Also suitable for certain two cycle air-cooled engines operating under normal duty.

Performance Levels

Aqua Max 2 meets the requirements of all major engine manufacturers and is certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) to specification TC-W3™ R-94102B. JASO FB.


$26.68 $385.59

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