Aria EP 220 Rock Drill Oil

This is a range of oils specifically designed for the lubrication of percussion type air tools. Special lubricants are required for this application to counter the sudden drop in temperature and increase in relative humidity when air expands in the tool. The ARIA EP range have low pour points and special additives to protect against rust, corrosion and water washing. They have excellent anti-wear and EP properties, providing protection against wear in the most demanding of systems. They also contain a vital antifogging agent to maintain a healthy working environment and an antifoamant to facilitate the rapid release of air from the oil. A special tackiness additive improves lubrication in severe working conditions.

Key Features

low pour points, protect against rust, corrosion and waterwashing, excellent anti-wear and EP properties, antifogging agent, antifoamant, special tackiness additive


Recommended for air tool of all types including rock drills, road drills, pneumatic pile drivers, jack hammers, air speed saws and torque wrenches. Also recommended for air motors and the lubrication of pneumatic rams and cylinders. Can also be used for general lubricant in industrial applications.

Performance Levels

Meets the extreme pressure and anti-wear requirements of the U.S. Steel 224, AGMA 250.04 specifications and most other air tool manufacturers.


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