Compound Steam Cylinder Oil T

This oil is for use in most Locomotives and Stationary engines working with saturated steam. It is produced from special cylinder stock treated with fatty compounds and particularly Tallow to provide superior lubrication even if wet conditions are encountered. The fatty compounds form emulsions which spread the oil on the internal surfaces, providing a strong lubricating film where needed to protect bores and valves. This is particularly important where very wet steam has to be handled at the cylinders, or water treatment chemicals are carried within the steam.

Key Features

superior lubrication , strong lubricating film


This compounded oil is ideally suited for all steam engines working up to pressures of 175lbs per square inch. With typical steam temperatures up to 450°F (230°C). In addition to cylinders, it is recommended for valve chests, slides, linkages and general lubrication by means of mechanical applicators, atomisers or oil can. Important Note: This oil must not be used where the steam is being recovered for use as a boiler or process feed and complete separation from oil is essential.


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