Golden Film 220 Bearing Oil

Golden Film Bearing Oils are high quality lubricants formulated to provide the necessary levels of friction reduction and wear protection required in bearing applications on steam driven equipment. The products resist water wash off and have a long service life. Golden Film Bearing Oils are truly universal and can be used in applications that have historically required heavily compounded oils or straight oils. Morris Lubricants have developed these bespoke products using expertise acquired from long association with steam heritage workshops.

Key Features

Does not stain paintwork or brass Rapeseed oil free Universal application in both mechanical and wick fed systems Will not produce sticky gums or deposits Remains stable in the presence of water


Golden Film Bearing Oils are recommended for all total loss applications where the special properties of these oils are needed. They can be used for bearings, gears, slides, and general railway applications as well as for use in older types of railway rolling stock axle boxes with plain bearings. Additionally they are recommended for their ability to flow with worsted wool fibre or cotton wick lubricators often found on traction engines and railway rolling stock. At higher ambient temperatures Golden Film 460 Bearing Oil is recommended to reduce the rate of lubricant loss.


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