Hydro Elastic Fluid

This is an aqueous hydraulic fluid specially developed for use in the pump up suspension systems of British Motor Company (BMC) and Austin Rover Group (ARG) front wheel drive cars. Originally produced by Morris Lubricants over 30 years ago when hydro-elastic suspensions first appeared, this product has now been brought up to date using the latest formulations and materials. Today's product contains chemical agents that ensure the correct fluid characteristics required to balance displacer movement between front and rear and is far superior in this respect to the plain water/alcohol type of product. Other additives ensure the system is kept clean and free of corrosion so that vital damper and bleeder valves function correctly and do not block. Morris Hydro-elastic Fluid is fully compatible with all system parts and will not cause deterioration of the rubber spring, butyl liner, or fluid separating member.

Key Features

aqueous hydraulic fluid for use in suspension, latest formulations and materials, keeps free of corrosion, stops valve blockage, fully compatible with all system parts


Suitable for all suspensions of this type for both refill and service top-up. Pressure and quantities shown in the makers' handbook should be strictly adhered to. NOTE: De-pressurisation, evacuation and re-pressurisation of the system requires special equipment and procedures.



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