K15 Open Gear Compound

K15 is a black residual lubricant, which has been compounded with fatty agents to give extra oiliness and water resistance. This tough lubricant has tremendous film strength and adhesion to metal surfaces. It acts as a cushion between moving parts, providing outstanding protection against wear, rust, corrosion, and quietening of noisy gears. This lubricant is not dislodged from metal parts by water, and is extremely effective in the presence of rain and seawater spray.

Key Features

K15 is recommended for open gears, particularly for those in exposed locations, such as docks, harbours, waterways, railways, mines and construction sites. Also recommended for wire ropes and sheaves, chains, pulleys and exposed plain bearings. High degree of adhesion to working surfaces Good load carrying properties Excellent water and corrosion resistance


K15 can be hand applied by brushing or pouring. Before using K15 please consult the Health and Safety Data.



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