LHM Plus Suspension Fluid

LHM Plus is a green, mineral based hydraulic fluid specially developed for use in Citr”en cars. In these vehicles the hydro-pneumatic suspension and brakes use a common fluid, the suspension being pressurised by an engine driven pump. The pressure delivered by the pump is in excess of 150 bar (2175 psi) and therefore this specialised fluid must be used at all times to cope with these arduous conditions. LHM Plus has special additives to protect against pump wear and to give excellent rust and corrosion protection. The high viscosity index of this product gives good flow rates throughout the system at extremes of temperature. Special additives in the formulation protect against the common problem of sludge formation and consequential filter blocking. LHM Plus is fully compatible with all system parts and will not cause deterioration of the internal parts, seals or hoses.

Key Features

green mineral based hydraulic fluid, protect against pump wear, excellent rust and corrosion protection, gives good flow rates, prevents sludge formation and blocking, fully compatible with all system parts.


This mineral based fluid is designed for use in the hydraulic systems of Citr”en cars (see warning). LHM Plus is also suitable for top-up and re-fill of brake systems, power steering systems and selflevelling suspension systems where a mineral oil based product of this type has been specified. Always observe manufacturer?s recommendations regarding top up, fluid renewal after the running in period and service intervals thereafter. Clean filters when renewing the fluid as recommended. Keep the fluid carefully sealed in the original containers. Suitable for use only in hydraulic systems using a green mineral oil. Please be sure to check the vehicle handbook. Only fill this fluid into Citr”en hydraulic reservoirs painted green. Never use this fluid in any reservoirs painted black. Not to be used in vehicles using vegetable based fluid or synthetic hydraulic oil.

Performance Levels

ISO 7308 PSA B71 2710 Ford ESN M6C 59A



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