Liquimatic DS

Liquimatic DS is an advanced synthetic based automotive transmission fluid that offers increased cold start efficiency resulting in improved fuel economy.

Key Features

Reliable and consistent shift performance ? Long service life (twice the service interval of Dexron IIIH) ? Stable high temperature performance ? Combats sludge and varnish build up ? Maintains gear integrity and optimises efficiency ? Outstanding low temperature fluidity ? Superior oxidation and thermal stability control


Liquimatic DS is designed for all General Motors applications requiring Dexron? VI and provides GM warranty protection for 2006 models and newer.

Performance Levels

Certified and licensed to General Motors Dexron? VI. License No. J-60324 Can be used where the following is specified: Dexron?, Dexron?II, IIE, III or IIIH Other specifications include: MB 236.5 Chrysler M1375.4 ZF TE-ML 09 Mercon LV Mitsubishi SP-IV Volvo 97340 Voith 55.6635 Honda Matic S Allison C4



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