Liquimatic HV46

Liquimatic HV Grades are a range of high viscosity index hydraulic oils, formulated from high quality minerals oils and the latest anti-wear technology. These grades utilise a shear stable polymer that ensures that the oils do not thin down during their working life. They are ideal for hydraulic systems subjected to the very extremes of operating conditions and temperatures, from frozen food stores (-20oC) to industrial hydraulic systems at elevated temperatures and off highway equipment.. They are rust, corrosion and oxidation inhibited and will provide protection even in the presence of seawater. Excellent anti-wear and EP properties provide protection against wear in the most demanding of systems. Additionally, they are treated with an anti-foam additive to control foam and facilitate rapid air release, ensuring correct hydraulic function and meet the stringent filterability requirements of modern machines and robotics.

Key Features

Outstanding low temperature performance, Multigrade properties, lubrication film maintained at high temperatures, Excellent Filterability, Latest anti-wear and EP technology, Good thermal stability


Recommended for both Industrial and off highway hydraulic systems, where extreme operating conditions are encountered. Can also be used in hydrostatic drives, power steering systems, brake systems and other applications where products of this type and specification required. Liquimatic HV 46 is particularly recommended for contractor?s plant and machinery.

Performance Levels

DIN 51524 Part 3 (HVLP) Sperry Vickers I-286-S3, M-2950-S Denison HF-0 dry and wet T6C-020 Denison HF-1, HF-2 Cincinnati Milacron P-68, P-69, P-70 (HV32, HV68, HV46) Poclain (HV 46) AFNOR E48-603 (HV:HM) ASLE 64.1 to 64.4, 70.1 to 70.3 CETOP RP91H


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