Lodexol FS 220

A range of gear oils, combining synthetic base fluids and powerful extreme pressure (EP) additives, for use in industrial gear systems. Lodexol FS Industrial Gear Oils are formulated to protect against wear, oxidation, foam, rust and corrosion. The synthetic base fluids used in this range have outstanding thermal stability ensuring that gear systems running at elevated temperatures have the correct level of protection necessary for a long component life. Additionally, Lodexol FS Industrial gear Oils have excellent hydrolytic stability enabling them to perform effectively in the presence of water.

Key Features

protect against wear, oxidation, foam, rust and corrosion, outstanding thermal stability, excellent hydrolytic stability


Lodexol FS Industrial Gear Oils are designed for use in a wide range of applications including: reduction gearboxes, direct drives, angle drives, chain drives, gear couplings, hoist/winch gearboxes, screw feeder gearboxes, travel gearboxes, swing gearboxes, turret heads, workheads, centralised circulation systems, etc.

Performance Levels

US Steel 224 AGMA 250.04 David Brown Table 2E-9E



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