Marcia DE

Marcia DE is a heavy duty neat cutting oil containing high levels of extreme pressure additives. These along with the excellent lubricity provided by sulphurised esters and other lubricity additives ensures a high performance in many arduous applications involving ferrous feedstocks, high alloyed steels, high tensile steels and stainless steels. Marcia DE is formulated to ensure excellent surface finishes with minimal tool wear even when producing heavy cuts on difficult steels. Due to its unique formulation, Marcia DE finds use in a number of drawing and presswork applications involving ferrous materials. Note: Marcia DE contains active sulphur and may stain yellow metals i.e. copper and cuprous alloys, particularly at elevated temperatures.

Key Features

high ep loading, improved tool life, low misting tendency, excellent lubricity, active sulphur


Automatics, turning, milling, drilling, thread cutting, thread rolling, gear cutting, tapping - medium to high tensile steels, stainless steels Drawing and presswork - low, medium and high tensile steels



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