Multitrans CVT

Multitrans CVT is a high performance transmission fluid, designed for use in a wide variety of pushbelt type Continuously VariableTransmissions (CVTs), including Jatco and Aisin systems. The product has been developed to ensure positive CVT operation for enhanced driving comfort and outstanding component protection.

Key Features

Outstanding friction control (steel on steel) ? Anti-shudder durability, even under high torque loading ? High shear stability level ensures stable oil pressure ? Protects against belt and pulley wear ? Excellent thermal and oxidation stability


Multitrans CVT has been designed as a service fill CVT fluid and is suitable for use where the following are specified, including Hyundai / Kia: Toyota CVTF TC Subaru ECVT Jatco systems include: Toyota CVTF FE Subaru iCVT JF009E Nissan NS-1 Daihatsu Ammix CVT JF010E Nissan NS-2 Suzuki CVTF TC JF011E Honda HMMF*1 Suzuki NS-2 F06A Honda HCF2 Suzuki CVT Green 1 F1C1 Mitsubishi SP-III Hyundai SP-III Mitsubishi CVTF-J1 Chrysler Jeep NS-2 Mini Cooper EZL799 NOTE: Not recommended for Hybrid E-CVT and Toroidal CVT. Chain type CVTs, and electro-powershift have not yet been validated. * Not recommended for Honda CVT with starting clutch.


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