Multitrans MPC

Multitrans MPC is a high performance transmission fluid, designed to provide rationalisation opportunities without compromising performance. Multitrans MPC provides high levels of component protection over a wide range of operating temperatures and workloads. The product will deliver the correct levels of friction control in a wide range of transmission units, ensuring positive gear shift and maximising power output.

Key Features

Extended drain interval capability due to excellent oxidation stability, Outstanding low temperature fluidity , Superior oxidation and thermal stability control, Advanced wear control, mproved friction retention


The product may also be used in passenger car transmissions, power steering systems, or in certain hydraulic applications, where a fluid of this type and specification is required. Note: Must not be used in Continuously Variable Transmission, Double Clutch Transmissions or applications requiring a Ford Type F / G fluid.

Performance Levels

General Motors DEXRON? IIIH Ford MERCON? V Nissan MATIC D/J/K JATCO 3100 Allison C-4 Honda Z-1 ZF TE-ML 03D, 04D, 09, 11B, 14A, 14B, 16L, 17C VW TL 52162 ? (Factory fill product ? Yellow) Also suitable for use in applications requiring MB 236.11/12/14/15 MB 236.6, Chrysler ATF +3 Chrysler ATF +4 Chrysler NAG-1 SP-111 Toyota T-IVJASO 1 A Mitsubishi J2 and J3


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