Multitrans Syn 50

Multitrans Syn 50 is a fully synthetic manual transmission fluid, formulated to meet the exacting requirements of Meritor and Eaton transmission systems. The synthetic base fluid ensures outstanding and consistent performance across a wide range of operating temperatures, including sustained high temperature conditions. Low temperature fluidity reduces energy losses at start up and provides a basis for improved fuel economy. The other significant benefit is the reduction in the overall operating temperature of the transmission units, contributing to component longevity and integrity.

Key Features

Extended drain interval capability due to excellent oxidation stability ú Wide operating temperature range ú Excellent cold start fluidity ú Superior oxidation and thermal stability control ú Advanced wear control


Multitrans Syn 50 is suitable for use in transmissions and transfer boxes of heavy goods vehicles, agricultural and off-highway equipment, where a fluid meeting the requirements of the specifications listed below is called for.

Performance Levels

Meritor International 0-81 Eaton Transmission Division PS-164



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