Race MX4

Race MX4 is the ultimate fully synthetic SAE 10W-40 multigrade oil, developed specifically for modern, highly stressed, race prepared 4-stroke motorcycle engines and gearboxes. This grade is recommended for all off-road machines operating at the extreme edge of their design capabilities.

Key Features

Superb cold start fluidity that ensures rapid flow to bearings and critical components during cold starts,Strong synthetic oil film reduces drag on components and ensures maximum power output, High level of anti-wear performance protects critical engine and gearbox components, even under shock load conditions, Balanced friction control additives ensure smooth gear changes and responsive clutch performance, Keeps engine components clean even when subjected to the hottest of running temperatures, Provides excellent internal corrosion protection, even during intermittent use


Race MX4 is recommended for 4-stroke engines fitted to off-road motorcycles where the manufacturer specifies an oil of this type and specification.

Performance Levels




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