Agrimax Super Farm 10W-30 (previously Super Farm Universal)

Agrimax Super Farm 10W-30 has been designed to cover the majority of agricultural lubrication requirements, whilst maintaining a reduced inventory. This grade is formulated with the latest additive technology and high quality mineral oils to produce a universal lubricant for tractors, combines and agricultural machinery subjected to the severest of operating conditions.

Key Features

latest additive technology, high quality mineral oils


Engines: Suitable for 4-four stroke naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines, where it provides high levels of engine cleanliness and component protection. Low temperature fluidity helps overcome starting problems for exposed farm equipment and protects against wear from start up, right through to high operating temperatures. Hydraulics: Performs extremely well in all hydraulic systems where it protects pumps, system components and rams against wear and corrosion right through the extremes of operating conditions and temperatures. A special anti-foam additive is incorporated to release entrained air and help prevent sponginess in system operation. This oil has also been designed for use in hydrostatic transmissions on equipment where a universal product is recommended by the manufacturer. Transmissions: Designed for coping with shock loads and provide high load bearing protection for gears and other components. It is also recommended for farm tractors and other plant where the transmission contains oil immersed or 'wet brakes'. This oil has been formulated to reduce the tendency for the brakes to 'squawk and chatter', whilst protecting brake system components.

Performance Levels

Engine: API CG-4, MB 227.1 / 228.1, ACEA E3 STOU: Massey Ferguson M1139 / 1144 / 1145, Ford M2C159B/C, John Deere J27 ZF TE-ML 06A / 06B (Incl. 06R) / O6C / 07B, Hydraulics: Sperry Vickers / Eaton M2950S / 1-280-S, Sauer Sunstrand/Danfoss Hydrostatic Trans Fluid


$56.46 $228.38

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