Supercut 6000

Supercut 6000 has been developed to supply the modern machine workshop with a single versatile product to cope with a wide range of machining operations. Its excellent lubricity handles slow speed and high pressure operations, whilst its superior level of Extreme Pressure additives permits the use of high speed CNC machine cutting of tough alloys. The product is nitrite and phenol free formulation combined with good housekeeping practice confers exceptional resistance to bacterial and fungal degradation leading to extended sump life. Supercut 6000 possesses first class inhibition to ferrous corrosion and aluminium stain formation. The product readily dilutes in all water qualities to form a fine, low odour, light brown transparent emulsion, which resists the incorporation of tramp oils. Note in harder water the emulsion may become ?milky? after a relatively short period of time

Key Features

High Level of Extreme Pressure and Lubricity Additives, excellent cooling power, all metal compatibility, extended sump life, exceptional resistance to bacterial degradation, resists tramp oil, adapted for a wide range of machine feeds and speeds


general machining, medium speed, free machining metals, stainless steels and work hardening alloys



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