Supercut 7150

SUPERCUT 7150 is a chlorine free, semi-synthetic, micro-emulsion cutting fluid based on highly refined mineral oil and incorporating modern performance additives. It has a high oil content and high lubricity, which coupled with chlorine free extreme pressure additives ensures excellent machine performance. When diluted with most mains waters at the recommened ratio, a translucent emulsion is formed that gives good workpiece visibility. The high lubricity of this product, coupled with its tolerance to tramp oil and bacterial degradation makes SUPERCUT 7150 an excellent coolant for workshop rationalisation. Carefully selected corrosion inhibitors ensure rust and stain free performance on most metals including steels, brasses and aluminium.

Key Features

High oil and lubricity, wide range of machining applications, chlorine free, extended sump life, multi-metal compatibility, resists tramp oil, resistant to bacterial degradation


all ferrous metals including high tensile, stainless steels and most non-ferrous alloys, medium and high speed, aluminium alloys



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