Supercut G

SUPERCUT G is a highly sophisticated semi-synthetic micro-emulsion cutting fluid incorporating the latest in performance additive technology. SUPERCUT Ghas a high oil content and incorporates synthetic esters and other chlorine free extreme pressure additives to ensure it has a high degree of lubricity and excellent machining performance. SUPERCUT G has a multi-metal compatibility, tolerance to tramp oil and bacterial degradation, helps reduce tool wear and gives excellent surface finishes on many different alloys. Supercut G has been developed specifically for use with the more difficult to machine alloys and aluminium. Carefully selected corrosion inhibitor systems ensure stain free performance on most metals including steels, brasses and most aluminium alloys. It is, therefore, an excellent product for workshop rationalisation and is particularly suited to modern CNC machining centres. When diluted with most mains waters SUPERCUT G forms a transparent/translucent emulsion that ensures good work piece visibility.

Key Features

extreme pressure performance, high oil and lubricity, chlorine free, resistant to bacterial degradation, synthetic ester fortifed, high performance capability, multi-metal capability, extended slump life


typical areas of application are turning, milling, drilling, threading, boring, deep hole drilling and reaming (including Maple reaming) on aluminium and difficult to machine alloys.



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