Supergrind Plus

Supergrind Plus is a fully synthetic grinding fluid offering exceptional performance and extended sump life in most grinding operations. It is formulated using the latest technology and offers excellent corrosion protection, stable solutions, low foaming tendency, excellent fines separation and resistance to degradation by bacteria or fungi. The synthetic formulation also alleviates ?wheel glazing? problems often associated with products containing mineral oil. Supergrind Plus is suitable for use on ferrous and most non-ferrous alloys. It is free from mineral oil, phenols, nitrites, sulphur and chlorinated additives and triazine biocides. When diluted with water, Supergrind Plus forms a stable fluorescent green transparent solution that allows operators good visibility of the workpiece.

Key Features

Synthetic, Ultra fine surface finish, Reduces wheel glazing, Rapid release of fines, Extended sump life, High corrosion protection, Low foam, Good operator visibility, Resistant to bacterial degradation


Supergrind Plus is recommended for all grinding applications where a synthetic grinding fluid is desirable or recommended. It is particularly suited to those systems where foaming, fines separation and wheel glazing problems have been experienced with other formulae. Supergrind Plus is particularly suitable for achieving very fine surface finishes (micro inch finishes). NOTE: Always use Supergrind CG for grinding carbides.



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