Supersaw is a micro-emulsion, biocide protected, water soluble cutting fluid. It forms a very stable emulsion, even with hard water, and incorporates extreme pressure additives for enhanced cutting performance. This product is free from nitrite, phenol, cresols, sulphur additives, silicones and triazines and possesses excellent inhibition against ferrous corrosion. Supersaw is suitable to use for the machining and sawing of all ferrous and most nonferrous metals. It is non-staining on most cuprous and aluminium alloys.

Key Features

multimetal compatibility, excellent hard water stability, biostable, all round corrosion inhibition, extreme pressure, non-staining on copper


Machining: Supersaw is a versatile coolant. Its balance of EP and high oil properties make it a fluid which can machine stainless and high tensile materials at high speeds or under lower speed high pressure regimes. Sawing: Advanced extreme pressure properties ensure Supersaw is the correct choice for band, segmental and circular saws.



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