Suspension 10Wt.

Suspension Grades are formulated from high quality base fluids and performance additives, that ensure smooth predictable damping over a wide temperature range and under a variety of operating conditions. Balanced additive chemistry protects suspension unit components and the integrity of the seal materials. Suspension Grades are available in four viscosity grades 5, 10, 15 & 20wt. All grades can be freely mixed if required to provide an even greater state of suspension tune.

Key Features

Outstanding low temperature performance Cold start fluidity and high temperature performance Long stable Oil Life Excellent Filterability Compatible with all Bronze and Steel system parts Latest anti-wear and EP technology Good thermal stability Strong rust prevention, even in the presence of seawater


Recommended for the front forks and rear suspension units on all motorcycles used in arduous competition and off road activities. For normal road use the viscosity grade recommended in the manufacturer?s handbook should be adhered to.



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