Tabor O K

Tabor OK is a low odour, relatively high flash point hydrocarbon fluid that finds use in a variety of applications e.g. as a process oil, degreasing medium and as a dielectric fluid for spark erosion. It is also suitable as a replacement for chlorinated solvents in certain applications and may be used as a lower odour, high flash point alternative to white spirit where the evaporation rate is not critical.

Key Features

low odour, high flash point, good release and anti-corrosion properties


Tabor OK is primarily used as a degreasant to remove general dirt, temporary rust-preventatives, grease and oil prior to performing operations such as painting or other treatments and is an ideal solvent for parts washers. It may also be used as a dielectric fluid for spark errosion machines and for pressing, spinning and reaming of aluminium alloys and some free cutting bronzes. As a mould release agent for simple steel shuttering using wet concrete, Tabor OK will give good release and anti-corrosion properties.



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