TEL AC-27 Brake Cleaner

AC27 is a highly effective, solvent based liquid that has been specifically designed for cleaning brake and clutch parts. It has been laboratory formulated from fast drying solvents that evaporate quickly leaving parts ready for immediate re-assembly. AC27 is non residual ensuring that further cleaning is not required. AC27 has no deleterious effects on rubber used in brake systems (unlike many other more crude solvents) and has been lab tested to meet strict standards of performance. This product is used in a variety of other critical industrial applications such as aviation and defense. AC27 is suitable for drum and disk brakes. Best results are achieved using spray applicators. Austech 1L pump-up sprays manufactured in Germany are recommended for this application. The product is highly flammable and should be used with care. It is important that the Product MSDS is referred to prior to using.



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