TEL AC-9 NF Premix Coolant

AC9 is a premium quality, organic, long life anti boil/anti freeze coolant concentrate. AC9 is based on carboxylate technology and contains no silicates, borates, phosphates, nitrites, nitrates or amines. AC9 is suitable for both automotive and heavy duty diesel engines. AC9 contains 90% monoethylene glycol and a double inhibitor package ensuring ultimate corrosion protection and extended service life. Anti boil and anti freeze protection is equally afforded with a substantially higher rust and corrosion protection than competitor products. AC9 is the ultimate in up to date coolant technology. AC9 protects all metals found in cooling systems and gives excellent protection against cavitations erosion and wet-sleeve liner pitting. It significantly increases the operating life of water pumps and exceeds corrosion performance levels required to meet Australian Standard AS2108.1-2004 and numerous performance specifications of OEM?s including Ford & GMH. This coolant has been independently verified to all relevant ASTM?s for automotive and heavy duty diesel use. Provides maximum protection against ?hot spot? corrosion, common in aluminium cylinder heads. AC9 has a service life of up to 5 years / 500,000kms* in automotive applications and up to 6 years / 600,000kms / 6,000hrs* in heavy duty diesels. This has obvious environmental advantages as a result of fewer coolant changes. There are no deleterious effects on hoses or gaskets. (* at 50/50 dilution ratio) Has a proven record over many years with marine engines, taxi fleets, government departments, bus companies and several large fleet truck companies.



*All prices are in NZD and GST Exclusive