TEL Delta 600 Grease

TEL Delta 600 Grease is a high performance and high temperature grease with superior tackiness intended for a large variety of slow moving high loading heavy-duty applications. It is based on a blend of high viscosity and quality mineral oil, a lithium complex soap thickener, specially selected lead free extreme pressure additives, rust, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors and extra tackiness agent.

Key Features

Excellent anti-wear and EP performance  Important for reducing wear rates and achieving a very high load-carrying capability even under conditions of high sliding and moderate shock loading, thus extending the equipment life. Superior water resistance. Ensures lasting lubrication even in the most severe water-exposed conditions. Adhesion and cohesion properties In order to reduce leakages and extend re-lubrication intervals in wet and water contact environment. Rust & Corrosion Inhibitors  The effective rust and corrosion inhibitors ensure components/bearings do not fail due to corrosion. Superior oxidation and thermal stability: Extends the grease life and enhance bearing protection in high temperature applications. Pumpability:  Good in low-high temperature environment. Operating Temperature Range The recommended temperature range is from -25°C to 175°C, however it may be used intermittently up to 200°C with the lubrication frequency to be increased accordingly.


TEL Delta 600 Grease is the prime recommendation for use in applications where high thermal resistance is required. These include industrial, mining, earthmoving and marine applications such as slow moving, heavy duty bearings operating at high temperature under severe load, bearings subjected to high temperatures and load, and other applications where a lithium complex grease with a high base oil viscosity is required and/or preferred. TEL Delta 600 Grease may be used where either soap based or clay based greases is recommended, particularly if rationalisation of grease types is required.


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