Terralus Air-O-Lube

Terralus AIR-O-LUBE is a pale amber liquid derived from natural vegetable oils blended with performance enhancing additives. It has low toxicity and is readily biodegradable. Terralus AIR-O-LUBE is a specially balanced formulation for use through metered mist air equipment to ensure economical lubricant utilisation and eliminates fluid loss associated with flood coolants. It has a high affinity to metal surfaces giving superior adhesion and on contact, the airborne droplets cling to minimise back scatter.

Key Features

Extremely Economical Readily Biodegradable For critical component manufacturer Non-toxic lubricant Solvent free Chlorine free


Tube Sawing Routing, Reaming, Tapping and Milling: On large machine bed component manufacture Critical Component Manufacture: Terralus AIR-O-LUBE?s freedom from chlorine, sulphur and phosphorous chemistry avoids the possibility of inter crystalline corrosion formation, making it the ideal choice for machining aerospace components in alloys of aluminium, magnesium and titanium.



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