Terza 7060 Mould Oil

Terza 7060 is a high quality low viscocity mould release oil containing solvent refined mineral oil, hydrocarbon solvent and lubricity additives. It has been specially produced for use in high rate production of fired clay and concrete building products. This is a low viscocity fluid, which after the evaporation of the solvent, dries to a tenacious oily film on the mould surface. The low viscocity helps the film to flow and cover the mould surfaces, and spread into the less accessible areas. It is an excellent release agent that prevents clay and concrete clinging to the moulds and provides a high quality surface finish. Terza 7060 also provides protection for moulds, keeping them in good condition between runs and ready for further use.

Key Features

fine smooth finish, doesn?t cause stains or discolouration, has air release properties, not absorbed by the clay or concrete, leaves a thorough continuous coat after drying, low odour, does not contain potentially harmful gas oil.


Recommended for use as a mould release oil for all fired clay and concrete products. Particularly suitable for production of bricks, tiles and concrete blocks where a non-staining oil is essential. Terza 7060 is suitable for use on steel and plastic moulds or shuttering and can be used straight from the drum, no stirring or mixing is required. However, the drum must be kept closed to avoid excessive evaporation of the solvent. Terza 7060 is easily applied by spraying or brushing. Refer to the relevant Health and Safety Data before use.



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