Multivis MLR 10w50 (previously X-RPM Competition 10W-50)

Multivis MLR 10w50 is a fully synthetic multigrade motor oil developed directly from motor racing technology, where it has proved to be far superior to conventional oils under these arduous conditions. This oil has an extremely wide viscosity rating and will provide superior performance in petrol engines.

Key Features

Naturally high viscosity index, giving good flow rates to bearings at low temperatures, coupled with tremendous film strength at high temperatures, A natural low level of volatility, which prevents valuable oil constituents boiling off during periods of extreme temperatures inside the engine Better thermal stability Improved high temperature deposit control Superior antioxidant performance


Multivis MLR 10w50 is recommended for all turbo-charged and naturally aspirated petrol and diesel engines, for ordinary road use and also for car racing, endurance events, rallying and all other types of motor sport.

Performance Levels



$120.60 $529.93

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